Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 173 - Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy (2010) directed by Joseph Kosinski

I don't remember that much from the original Tron, but do you think they had Tron Legacy in mind as a sequel three decades later? Like many modern sequels of old time classics, Tron Legacy is bigger, louder and more convoluted than the original ever dreamt of being. Let's just start with the basics. Kevin Flynn disappears sometime after the events of Tron never to be seen again. Twenty plus years later, his son Sam investigates a mysterious page coming from his father's old office and is transported to The Grid. What happens next is an asinine plot involving virtual world domination, a Star Wars level style mythology and Jeff Bridges channeling his inner hippie. I like Jeff Bridges as much as the next guy, but how are you supposed to take him seriously when he's dressed like a Jedi knight spouting off lines like, "You're messing with my Zen thing, man."

One of my pet peeves are movies that go for the epic look and feel but fail badly and that is what Tron Legacy does. I couldn't be less interested in the story of the characters. I didn't care much at all for Garrett Hedlund who plays Sam, nor anyone else in the the film. Even the usually awesome Bridges mails it in here. Visually the film looks promising but after a while the neon look grows stale and fails to impress. I remember this movie being highly pushed for its 3D when it came out and I'm sure the effects were gnarly in IMAX, but its kind of ho hum here at home.

Just a really bland boring movie thats trying to milk the Tron name for all its worth.

Grade: D

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