Monday, November 7, 2011

200 Days...

200 Days...

So I've now finished 200 days, over halfway done. Watching movies have become second nature to me by now, but writing is still an arduous task and I'm not sure if I'm getting any better at it. There were a couple movies I absolutely hated writing for because I couldn't think of anything to write about. With my crazy sleeping schedule I've often had to watch movies when I got home at like 5:00 am dead tired, making the writing even worse. Reading back on some of the posts, I could definitely tell which ones I just sort of half-assed. When I started there was an endless supply of movies to watch but now the really good ones I want to see are getting fewer and further between. There were a couple nights where I was just scrolling through Netflix and nothing looked appealing at all and have had to watch a couple movies I didn't care about at all. I really hate wasting days on useless movies but it's going to be inevitable.

I have difficult challenge coming up. I'm going on a two week Mediterranean cruise with my family next week where it's unlikely I'm going to have access to the Internet on a daily basis. I'm going to download a bunch of movies to bring with me and type up the write-ups offline, posting them whenever I get the chance to. What's probably going to end up happening is just posting them all at once I get back. So when you see I haven't been updating the blog, it's not because I quit!

So here is a brief breakdown on what I've been watching the past 100 days (including two bonus movies).

By decade:
2010: 25
2000: 14
1990: 8
1980: 18
1970: 9
1960: 4
1950: 13
1940: 8
1930: 1
1920: 2

Now by grade:
A   19
A-  19
B+ 19
B   20
B-  9
C+ 9
C   3
C-  1
D+ 1
D   1
D-  1
F    0

It's pretty evenly distributed at the top. I'm happy that I'm still finding good movies to watch, thankfully I have yet to give out an F. It could be that I'm too easy as a critic though. I might just decide to watch a movie universally accepted as horrible and see if it's bad enough to completely flunk.

Here's a list of the 19 A's I've given out in the past 100 days. Obviously if I had to recommend a movie from the ones I've watched, I'd start here.

Blow Out, Body Heat, Drive, Fargo, Hanna, Heavenly Creatures, Last Train Home, The Music Room, Paths of Glory, Ponyo, Psycho,  Scarface, sex, lies, and videotape, Sin Nombre, Still Walking, Stranger Than Paradise, Sweet Smell of Success, Touch of Evil, Young Frankenstein

If I had to choose just one of these movies I think I'd have to pick Still Walking. It may or may not be the best of the bunch but it is certainly the movie that affected me the most.

Oh, here's a link to my 100 day post.

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