Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 251 - Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) directed Steve Pink

I've been having super long days lately so I always come home dead tired. Sometimes you just need to throw on a mindless comedy to unwind and not think too hard. It goes without saying that Hot Tub Time Machine is not a great movie. It is not even a good movie, but it is good for a few laughs and having something on in the background. It probably isn't worth much more than that.

Just from the film's title, you know it's not going to be taking itself too seriously. A couple of old buddies disappointed with the way things have turned out in life decide to get together to the ski resort where they had all their fun as youths. They get into a hot tub and low and behold they are transported back to 1986. As with all time traveling movies there are obvious logical pitfalls but I'm not going to be too harsh on a movie like this. The buddies must relive these moments and soon realize it is a good way to try to change or do things they wished they have done.

I don't know when it started but some time ago people thought it was funny to just be as vulgar and obnoxious as possible. This film suffers a lot from crude behavior and general unpleasantries. I don't want to make it sound like I'm some old prude because I actually enjoy a good raunchy comedy like Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses but sometimes I think some movies are crass just for the sake of being crass (Hangover Part 2). Take for instance the character of Lou, who is just a complete ass. Excuse me for not caring at all for a thing he does, funny or not (and more often not). It's strange seeing John Cusack in this movie. I don't recall ever seeing him in a straight up B rate comedy, but here he is rubbing shoulders with actors clearly below him (even though I like Craig Robinson, but I'm just saying it how it is).

There are several good funny moments sprinkled throughout, which there almost has to by the sheer volume of jokes, but there are few genuine side splitters. My favorite scene is probably when Craig Robinson calls his wife as a 9 year old to let loose on her. Absurd moments like these are funny, but they are few and far between.

Grade: C-

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  1. I agree!!!

    I saw this movie a while back just for the hell of it through Netflix (plus people were saying good things... obviously I'm surrounded by morons! Ha) and I even think the C- grade is a bit of a stretch. I love John Cusack, but this was pretty bad. The only things I liked:

    Craig Robinson's scene when he's singing Black Eyed Peas is pretty awesome. I was cracking up.

    Hot ass Lyndsy Fonseca (plays Cusack's teenage girlfriend, also in Kick-Ass, Nikita).

    Other than that movie was pretty stupid. I'm sure a sequel is in the works...