Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 254 - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) directed by Brad Bird

I think lost somewhere along way is the fact that Tom Cruise was and is a huge movie star. Take a look at his filmography and you'll see hit after hit. I've always found it interesting how people's public personas affect their careers. I still cite Braveheart as my favorite movie of all time, but Mel Gibson has never been the same though I strongly suspect if he made another Lethal Weapon he'd regain some of his cool points. I basically can't listen to a R. Kelly song anymore. Tom Cruise on the other hand seems immune to all the negative press he gets and just keeps on smashing the box office.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the best Mission Impossible since the first one and one of the best action flicks to come out in a while. You know what kind of film it's going to be from the very opening scenes when an IMF agent jumps from the top of a roof, spins around in midair and fires his gun at his pursuers. There is action abound and unlike mindless CGI-fests like Transformers, the stunts and set pieces are well thought out, innovative and exciting. The much ballyhooed scene of Tom Cruise atop the Burj Khalifa is every bit as impressive as it is made out to be. Not just content to have an ordinary chase scene through the streets of Dubai, the film adds a swirling sandstorm to the mix. What is the best way to go down ten stories? Drive a car off the ledge, using the airbags as cushioning.

I suppose it is worth mentioning that there is a story that holds the action together. I won't bore you with the details, but it is your typical spy thriller fare that gets the job done. It has something to do with stopping a madman from launching nuclear missiles. There are exotic locations such as Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai. There is the hot female agent who kicks ass in Paula Patton, the mysterious newcomer Jeremy Renner, the comedic sidekick Simon Pegg and of course megastar Tom Cruise. Oh and did I mention some of the best action scenes to come out in a while?

Grade: B+

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