Tuesday, April 24, 2012

365 Days...

365 Days...

It's hard to believe but I haven't watched a movie in like four days. Watching movies had become second nature to me but even after a full year I never really got the hang of writing about movies. Some days it would be a monumental struggle as I couldn't think of anything to say; other times I got inspired and wrote mini-essays. The past two months have been particularly tough on me because I played more poker than I ever had in my entire life. Sometimes there literally were not enough hours in the day to play poker, watch a movie and then write about it. I think I was averaging just 5 hours of sleep during this time. I had to cheat a little and watch a handful of movies I've already seen because I was just so burnt out. Anyways a more comprehensive write up will come later, but this will just be my breakdown of the past 65 days in movies.

As usual here are the stats:

By decade:
2010: 14
2000: 14
1990: 8
1980: 6
1970: 3
1960: 9
1950: 5
1940: 2
1930: 4

By Grade:
A    15
A-   12
B+  11
B    15
B-   6
C+  5
C    1
C-   0
D+  0
D    0
D-   0
F     0

Here are the movies I've given an A to:

Ace in the HoleAnchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy, BeginnersBraveheart, The Cabin in the Woods, Cinema Paradiso, Gone With the Wind, Moulin Rouge!, The Red BallonA Single Man, A Separation, Touching the Void, The Wild Bunch, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, 12 Angry Men

Several of these are personal favorites of mine so I'm already biased as to which ones I'd consider the best. But I honestly do believe Moulin Rouge is one of the best films to come out in the past decade. 12 Angry Men and The Wild Bunch would round up the top of the top.

Link to 300 days.

Link to 200 days.

Link to 100 days.

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