Wednesday, February 15, 2012

300 Days...

300 Days...

You'd figure after watching 300 movies in 300 days that I would have some sort of rhythm or routine going on but that hasn't really been the case. I've played a lot of poker the past couple months at odd hours so I'd often come home super exhausted in the middle of the night or early morning to watch a movie and I feel my blog entres have really suffered because of it. I'm sort of limping into the home stretch now but come hell or high water I'm going to get this done.

The past 100 days have been kind of weird because the classics are getting fewer and further between so it feels like I've been watching more middling movies. This is reflected in the lower amount of A's and the increase in B's and B-'s. It could also be that I'm just under-appreciating some of the critically acclaimed greats. For instance, I haven't given any non-Chaplin silent film an A despite the high praise I've given in my comments for some of them.

Here are the stats!

Be decade:
2010: 30
2000: 9
1990: 10
1980: 7
1970: 9
1960: 5
1950: 11
1940: 7
1930: 7
1920: 5

Now by grade:
A   15
A-  21
B+ 18
B   21
B-  12
C+  7
C    2
C-   3
D+  0
D    1
D-   0
F     0

Here are the movies I've given an A to.

After Hours, AlienAu Revoir Les Enfants, A Christmas Story, Dark City, The French Connection, Floating Weeds, Hugo in 3D, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Nobody Knows, Notorious, ShameSwingers, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 21 Grams

It's tough to say which one of these I like the most since they're all great, but I will say the movie that has given me the most thought is probably Dark City. It is a slept-on classic that gets overshadowed by The Matrix but is every bit as fascinating. Kudos to Floating Weeds for being one of the most visually compelling movies I've ever seen and Notorious for being a bad-ass Hitchcock.

Link to 200 days.

Link to 100 days.

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